Kids Aprons

Whether you're using these amazing kid's aprons for dress ups / imaginative play, baking or painting - they're sure to get messy at some stage! We use ours for painting so I do love seeing it with paint all over it, it's the sign of a fun time right? BUT, I wanted to show you that having a white apron doesn't necessarily mean it will stay dirty... so here it is:

1. Simply spray any stains with your fave stain remover (I use napisan)
2. Put through the wash with your usual detergent
3. Voila!! Out it comes, bright and shiny as new.

If you zoom in, you can see a few marks have stayed on our apron as I let my little man use acrylic paint - bad choice, I know. Acrylic paint does love to stick to canvas. But just keeping it real to show that this is the actual apron I used for the first pic and that it's not a fresh 'here's one I prepared earlier' type of situation!