PRETEND PLAY (and why it's so important)

Watching your little one play pretend with their dolls can be so ridiculously cute! The little stories they make up and the way they mother-hen (or father-hen) their dolls show us just how much they notice and learn from what they see in the world around them.

Playing with dolls offers our children opportunities to develop so many different, important skills. For example, by swaddling or feeding their baby doll, your child is learning to take care of a loved one and develop their sense of of empathy. Setting up certain scenes can assist in developing their creativity and imagination too.
Getting involved in your child's pretend play scenarios can help extend on their skills without them even realising it! Talking to them about what they're doing or posing questions/options such as, 'Oh why is your baby upset? Do you think it is hungry? Or maybe it needs it's nappy changed', can help to grow their problem solving skills and vocabulary! 
Dressing their doll up will improve their fine motor skills and provide an experience for them to mimic when learning to dress themselves. They can learn about other important aspects of life, such as grooming and hygiene, compassion and kindness. The opportunities for learning through pretend play are endless!
We're so excited to be apart of your child's pretend play experience! We now have doll swaddles, doll baby carriers, doll bibs and doll crowns available to add to your childs collection of accessories for their own little baby!